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The benefits of joining an Internet Exchange Point are numerous, particularly in Sub Saharan Africa where traffic is asymmetric and upstream bandwidth charges are exorbitant. The benefits include:


·         Lower Costs

·         Reduced Latency for local traffic

·         Better Routing

·         Networking opportunities

·         Increased local content


Join SIXP  

SIXP membership is open to all entities resident or domiciled in The Gambia having an interest in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) development matters are eligible for membership to the Association. This includes local and international companies who are registered in The Gambia


To Join SIXP, you need to:


  1. 1.      Accept to abide by the SIXP Constitution, MOU and Operational Policies
  2. 2.      Download the SIXP Application form and complete and return two copies signed by an authorized company signatory.
  3. 3.      Pay the associated membership and port fees

 Associate Membership

An Associate Member is allowed to join the association, with no voting rights, for the purposes of access to meetings, mailing lists, and other activities to promote the sector, but are not allowed to connect to the IXP.  Associate members need not be registered in The Gambia.

Current Members (Peers)




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